Thursday, November 30, 2017

Thanksgiving Tradition

I may or may not participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday or Giving Tuesday. But Thanksgiving means that I process all the yearly giving receipts for The Ember Cast. It is my personal way of reflecting and considering all the people that financially give so that we can do what we do. Just like every year, this habit resets my thinking. You cannot be ungrateful as you write, address and fold that stack of receipts for people that gave their hard earned money.

This year, that stack of letters represents just under 250 donations, around $27K, with over 95% spent directly on student missions projects. The majority of those donations funded our summer Italy team and the summer Poland interns, meaning over 1,400 hours of service, culture and leadership for 10 people in two countries.

That's Thanksgiving in NovEmber.

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