Thursday, November 02, 2017

One of the Best Tools to Grow Global Kids

The question I get asked most is something along the lines of: how do we grow kids with a vision for the world? And the best answer is: get them to travel. Traveling breaks down barriers, it gives a new a larger perspective, it promotes divergent thinking. Your plan A almost always fails when you travel, you meet people different from you, you experience new places and sometimes even see old places with new insight. Obviously, we are big fans of dragging your kids around the world.

Travel can be expensive - but not always. In today's global world, traveling across your city is as important as flying overseas somewhere. You can experience lots of culture shifts in your own city. And as people serving a world in need, it's your imperative to care about those that live near you as well as those far off. It is not over here OR over there.

The best tool related to travel is travel hacking. This is what can help make travel very affordable and it's what we have been doing for a few years now. Case in point, a trip to Sydney next year that was purchased solely with points [this trip probably represents over 1 million points we have redeemed since early 2016]. If you are new to this idea, google it. Then get the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve card. Make the minimum spend to get the bonus points. Then use the Chase portal to either exchange points to their travel partners or book travel through the portal.

Going places is the best way to grow global kids.

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