Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ember Summer Send 1

Every other year or so, someone that has spent a lot of time with The Ember Cast asks to dream with us. This usually takes the form of what we call a 'Summer Send' and represents some of our best opportunities. We get to play recruiter between someone we know well and partners that we admire, doing interesting things, and able and willing to invest in the emerging generation. Summer Sends usually last most of the summer and are the next logical experience for people like this, most of whom have done a one or two week experience with us.

This summer, our first Summer Send we are working on is sending Tess and Lindsey to Poland for part of the summer. While there, they will have the opportunity to work with the staff of a brand new church plant, do some cultural analysis and observation to help this staff, and do some exploration of their city and culture on their own.

Tess and Lindsey are uniquely perfect for this. They both have been around Ember and short term missions for a good number of years, have experience in navigating culture as well as teaching others how to do it, and have leadership initiative beyond their years. I'm thrilled that Ember can be a small part of their journey in throwing fire. Thanks in advance for supporting these two.

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