Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Burn

::: How the Polio Surge in Nigeria Helped Stop Ebola
Within 24 hours of Ebola’s arrival in the country, says Desmond-Hellman, "the polio emergency operations center was turned into an Ebola emergency operations center. Those assets, those trained people, that infrastructure, that ability to understand what an epidemic is, to do contract tracing, all the things they needed to do—they immediately stamped out Ebola... The scope of it would have been so much worse."

::: 5 Ways To Identify a White Hot Passion in Leaders

::: Tips to Organize a Great Conference
From 99u.

::: The great instrument of moral good is the imagination - Percy Bysshe Shelley via Mike Metzger

Photo: Prague team decompression, Tower Bridge, London.

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