Monday, July 28, 2014

How Some Organizations Do Debriefing

If you are like some organizations - churches, schools, mission agencies - you probably decompress your teams around the idea of what you already do or what you already know. Your goal is to get people more engaged with what you are already involved in, what exists now, what things you are currently resourcing. I'm not saying that is a bad thing.

What might serve us all better is what Alan Hirsch calls missional imagination - what can your students dream up that no one knows about... yet. Instead of helping your students get plugged in to what you know, maybe you should help them engage something they know that you don't.

I am not saying this is simple or easy. This requires you to unleash people. To empower them and send them out. Untether them and allow them to dream. Risky, brave, filled with potential for failure. That's the apostolic.

Photo: Debriefing in Bandol. July 2014.


  1. Most people can handle the What and the So What... they get stuck on the Now What.

  2. I love this concept, Tony. The debriefing we've done over the years has tended to focus more on how to move forward in light of the past. But what if the future is not intended to look like the past? It would be great to awaken the God-given dreams of his harvest workers.

  3. Thanks Dave! Love it, but it's not easy. Was checking out your website today... sounds like you guys provide a great service and refuge.