Tuesday, July 01, 2014

I Just Love Airports

I hear this statement all the time from the students that orbit Ember [but it is not totally me - the one who gets motion sick.] They proclaim it like a badge of honor. Compared with the more general population that never leaves the country or is too anxiety-ridden to get into a plane, saying it out loud seems like an attempt to set them apart.

And it does. We exist for these kids. Not for the ones that don't care about how the world outside their neighborhood looks or those that couldn't care less about how cultures cluster or those who decide its too much trouble to get on a plane. And granted, it is a ton of trouble. But it might be worth it.

And because we exist for them, we put a lot of stock in them. We are thrilled at their efforts to make the world better. They matter and we do our best to help them do it better. Oh...I'm off to the airport in 8 hours.

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