Saturday, July 26, 2014

Window Seat

Our oldest, Katie, is flying home right now. After spending two weeks with the Ember 14X team, her and Olivia spent 10 days in Madrid working with Mountainview International Church and a basketball camp they ran for their students.

This is her first international flight alone and, of course it's no big deal to her but mom and dad were tracking her connections pretty closely. Her first leg landed late and she had to make her way through Heathrow. She boarded with just 2 minutes before they closed the doors.

I never thought that either of my kids would be so brave. When I was growing up, the ideas of risk, bravery and pushing the envelope were not valued at all - in fact, they were distinctly frowned upon. Consequently, I'm a big chicken. But I'm glad my kids are changing the pattern.

Photo: window seat, BA 265.


  1. Hi Tony - thanks for sharing about bravery and pushing the limits. I'm a few months away from starting on the great journey of parenthood (or perhaps, I've started already!) and I already pray my kids would be exponentially more courageous than I in taking steps of faith for God's kingdom.

  2. Thanks Jorge! Amen to that. And catch up on your sleep =)