Monday, June 09, 2014

Ember Advance 2014

First.... we missed the rest of our team like crazy - MK, John, Tess, Measu.

Ember Advance is our short term missions prep overnighter where we dedicate 36 hours to bonding as a team and learning from world class practitioners about mission, context, leadership and culture. As always, steal what you want from this post.

+ Friday night.
Neighborhood tour of Fells Point, Baltimore with Andy and Farrell, who served with me for a few iterations with SPACE, like Brazil 2005, among other projects. Here's some quick points:
- physical size, population, demographic breakdown, crime rate
- view from their rooftop terrace
- neighborhood walk, pointing out significant cultural icons and historical sites
- Baltimore versus DC ethos

+ Saturday morning.
We heard from 4 global missions legends in the DMV area. Dave Shive, KM, and Dustin and Kristen Youngstrom. All were fantastic in the content of what they spoke on and their ability to connect with young people interested in cross cultural adventures.
- think about how the world has changed in the past 100 years when it comes to global cultures and connectivity.
- MH370 may have large implications for how missions will change.
- Is 53 - He bore our suffering - that is a vision that some people will want to hear
- Jesus entry into humanity didn't begin when He was born
- huge impact on people when you love elements of their culture

+ Sat aft/evening
We attended National Community Church's Barracks Row Saturday night service. If you've been around here long enough, you know that we love to visit NCC when we can because it's one of the most innovative churches in DC and innovation is something Ember highly values. We also had the privilege to have Jenilee Hurley, NCC's student pastor, talk to us for a few minutes about creativity and innovation, which was fantastic.

Ember Advance is one of the best things we do.

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