Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wendy, Amy, A House on Beekman

On Saturday, Wendy leaves for a 6 week long internship in New York City with A House on Beekman, which we are thrilled about. We visited them in January of 2013 and are so impressed with their resolve, their humility and their approach to community development.

That is Wendy on the right. Last summer, she pretty much went sight unseen to live in Queen Creek, AZ, working at Amadeo Church for the whole summer, taking my good word for it that she would love the community there, learn a ton and that Ben Cloud was a good dude. It worked out great. And this summer, after living in NYC - where she has never visited before, serving in community and experiencing how to serve kids in one of the poorest communities in the US, and learning from some of the best, it will work out great again. Thanks Wendy for trusting us and being brave.

Amy is on the left. We met her and her family in 2010 when they let us crash at their house. They just finished a season in New York and are en route back to Queen Creek. They spent lots of time at AHOB, so Wendy had the great opportunity to pick their brain about New York, the subway, bedbugs and life in the South Bronx. Easily one of the most missional families we know and always fun to spend time with them. They are the kind that agree to host an Ember team in their house first and then figure out how to take the dining room table down second.

Oh and that is Evie in the middle.

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