Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Ember Board of Director Notes - February 2014

Some rough notes from the last board of directors meeting for The Ember Cast. Maybe this helps some of you that are in leadership in the small-fledgling-bi-vocational-nonprofit space.

+ Review of Summer and Fall 2013.
+ Anticipating Spring and Summer 2014.
+ Connection Economy
+ Financial Big Picture - although there should have been more metrics about Creative Revenue Plans.

I've got some specific actions from the meeting as well, which include:
+ Building a dashboard and outlining what metrics do we measure that tell us how successful we are. And I loved how one of our board members prayed about this, that it would be 'measured like how God measures it.'
+ A better financial summary - Excel graphs, big picture, high level one page.
+ Mark Batterson tweeted a few weeks ago, "If you are planting a church in dc, ncc wants to be a shareholder." In the same vein, we want Ember to be a part of launching lots of students.
+ Over the past few months, I re-listened to Seth Godin's Startup School as well as watched his New Business Toolkit class and these questions came out of thinking about that stuff. Some of this is also related to the dashboard item at the top.
How do we define entrepreneur versus freelancer and is my role mutually exclusive to each?
How does what we do redefine the idea of scale?
How is the Ember CEO successful?
+ I outlined a very rough financial model based on income versus expense. I have one item of research to do regarding whether we can charge for one of our specific offerings based on some of it's context.

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