Thursday, February 20, 2014


On July 3, 2013, my wife Deanna had the ridiculous experience of flying across the Atlantic all night long, running through the airport terminal with a team of 10 to catch our next flight, and having all of her insulin for her insulin pump run through an xray machine because nobody could try to explain to the French only speaking official that insulin shouldn't go through there. Not the best first morning in France.

I post that story today in honor of my wife - today is her birthday. And I think the story is symbolic of her life. Her history is one that routinely sacrifices for others - sometimes with great hardship. Most of you know that she has dealt with diabetes for the past 2 years. When she got an insulin pump last year, she decided that yes, she will go with Ember to France, despite not knowing exactly how all the travel will work, including switching time zones, figuring out ratios with different kinds of food and knowing how tough international travel can be for your body.

All of that mattered, but not enough. What mattered more was that there was this team of students who were called to this vision of coming alongside a church community that wanted to bless the kids in their city. To Deanna, all of that sacrifice was worth it.

You and I are better for her sacrifice. Happy birthday Deanna. LOVE.

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