Monday, February 03, 2014

Why We Go Where

Ember's filter for where we go is unique. We don't go to certain places primarily because the need is great or our skills could be put to good use or the demographic is strategic. Granted, these certainly do fall into play, but they are not the primary filter for our decision making.

That primary filter is finding global leaders that can invest in our people. These leaders are catalytic - they are known to cause reactions. These leaders are entrepreneurial - sure they can start things, but they also have a mindset that expands with talent, opportunities and people. These leaders are available to invest - they spring to life when given an chance to speak into someone's life, especially a person a few years younger than them.

This is a bit contrary to popular global missions thinking and that's okay. Lots of good, God honoring people help others go to certain places because of a strategy, a need or a skill and if you are thinking about a missions experience, you are the only one that can discern why you are going where. We are still about 450 years too early to decide if our filter really works. But that's part of the fun of it.

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