Thursday, April 25, 2013

More than Mobilizers

Some of the best missions mobilizers that I know. Except we call them catalysts.

The three of us [moi, Kristen and Trevin] are reviewing some cross cultural tools - some of the best ways we think to help students navigate culture. And when we say culture, we mean both the different cultures in another country some students will find themselves in this summer as well as the ultra pluralistic, always moving intersection of micro-cultures they live in here in the States. The training day we are helping to prepare also includes Amy [not shown] who has decades of experience working with teams. Think team initiatives like nobody's business. Incredibly thankful for this team.

If you are leading a team to travel to another culture this summer, you might think of yourself as a mobilizer. Prepare your team better than the average teams though... and you'll be a catalyst.

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