Thursday, February 07, 2013

What We are Working On

+ 2 short term mission team prep sessions for some great local churches, spring
+ helping place a college student with one of our trusted partners, summer
+ gearing up guide(s) to help facilitate a team from Grace to Amadeo, summer
+ team of interns and guides to travel to Europe, summer
+ speaking over skype to a church ministry about catalytic leadership, spring
+ hosting two college teams for a local service leadership day with STC Baltimore
+ connecting like minded missional leaders whenever we can
+ systems and processes to support this with as little structure as needed

If this sounds busy, it is, like every 'missions' person every spring. But behind all of this, we are dreaming of how the leaders we work with are going to mark human history. That's the developer and the futuristic.

What about you?

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