Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Burn

::: RIP Howard Hendricks, the Prof at Dallas Theological Seminary for 60 years
*Observation, Interpretation, Application.
*Leaders are readers, and readers are leaders.
The measure of you as a leader is not what you do, but what others do because of what you do.
And... my pastor Mark Norman was hugely influenced by the Prof. So all you GRACE people... you are too.
* - I've used these phrases a ton of times but didn't realize where they came from until yesterday.

::: Twitter Languages Mapped in NYC

::: When Culture Turns into Policy
But I disagree with the last bullet, "Culture simply happens—it isn't created."

::: "If what I do has no consequences it doesn't make me free. It makes me meaningless." -Dick Foth @NCC

Photo: trash can, shopping mall in Londrina, Brasil

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