Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Matt Beach

Matt Beach found out about Ember on the internet somehow a few months ago. He left me a comment and then we started interacting over Twitter and got connected about nonprofits, catalytic leadership and stuff like that. Come to find out that we are very similar, he's been leading and teaching a church community of college students and young adults for thirteen years... in addition to working a full time job with lots of required travel while also taking care of a wife and young children.

The picture is from this past Sunday when he interviewed me via Skype with his class, talking about leadership, starting an organization, reflecting on the 3:12:120 idea and why I started Ember and what kind of impact we have made. It was a fun time and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Loved connecting with Matt and all that he is doing for his faith community and those young adults, especially with his recent focus of trying to help his young people make a difference in the world, hence the theme of catalyst and catalytic leadership. Did I mention that he's been doing this for thirteen years? Maybe some of us need to be interviewing him...

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