Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Less Than 10 Minutes with Pastor Oscar

I spent less than 10 minutes with Pastor Oscar last weekend. Some random stuff I learned:

+ Incredibly warm and inviting in person. You can be incredibly hospitable even when you are the visitor and that is a rare gift to others.
+ He asked someone what our church's strategy for reproduction is. You must be intentional about exponential growth.
+ Oscar is trying to unleashing church planters and leaders before the age of 28. After the age of 28, leaders start getting married and having kids and becoming much more risk averse.

Had I remembered reading about Steve meeting Oscar, I would have tossed all my other plans and stayed much longer.

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  1. Thanks for digitally introducing Oscar to me. Very interesting guy who gets the gospel and it simpleness. Church planting in America has become so complex, with tons of money to launch large and a huge failure rate. He said on the church's website give me 30 people and I can turn this around. I am right there with him.

  2. yeah good stuff ben. let me know how this translates to your ministry. thats the fun part.