Thursday, March 01, 2012

March Kindling

+ Working on notes for an upcoming Ember Board of Directors meeting this weekend. We'll review the past few months, talk about future plans and go over finances. And have a healthy snack.
+ Been trying for months to launch some summer projects - global leadership mission trips per se. Getting a ton of 'nos' and not a lot of 'yes'. It's pretty discouraging and the momentum just doesn't seem to be there for one reason or another. The emotional rollercoaster tied to something you started is really fun.
+ Reading Toxic Charity threw us. In many, many ways. Probably intertwined with the above.
+ The girls finished 2 months of playing basketball in Upwards. They had a great time and the level of 'competitive' play fit our family very well [read: we don't do sports]. I think it's funny that it's meant to be an 'outreach' ministry.
+ Deanna is still doing well navigating diabetes. She has almost lost 30 pounds and continues to be diligent about what she eats and getting exercise. So proud of her.
+ Been thinking a lot about church, extended family, reproduction and discipleship - in connected and discrete ways. Must be the people I follow on twitter.
+ Loving the team that is helping out with a student missions team prep experience taking place in April. So much talent and passion.
+ A college student told me last night that she declined a summer missions trip with a standard college ministries because she didn't want to be led, she wanted to lead. Did you catch that?


  1. "church, extended family, reproduction and discipleship"

    Interesting. Extended fam?

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