Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Eurochurch - Missions and Church Planting

Here's a pretty recent report on church planting in Europe. Dig into it a bit and you'll see lots of different kinds of models of church as well as lots of different kind of leaders involved in these kinds of things. This is valuable for you and I - we are on the verge of the same kind of secular, post-Christian environment. Add to that the mix of the emerging generation that you and I are trying to prepare and a report like this gives us lots to learn. Keep digging and ask yourself how you would do this kind of research and put this kind of report together.

I tweeted about this and of course my friend, Andrew Jones, replied. PS - He's driving their truck through Africa right now. In exchange for a donation to their fuel fund, you'll get what I'm sure is going to be a fabulous ebook about movements in the developing world. It is also going to be an amazing collection of wisdom.

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