Thursday, September 01, 2011

Hello Sept Ember

Despite not posting, August was a very full month. And like every year, I'm looking forward to the fall and September, my favorite time of the year. Here's some other random August stuff.
+ I broke my addiction to blog statistics after 2 weeks of not posting. One of the very good side effects of not posting. What's best about blog stats - finding out who the sponges are.
+ Lots of meetups with people. Including one of two new experiments for Ember, catching up with college kids in and out of town, and a church planter coming back to the DMV.
+ Had two very interesting meetings for the missions leadership team, of which I am still an advisor to, at our home church. Getting things done in this context has not been about generating ideas or the diligence to execute. It has completely been about the structure of the organization. Not only a case study of getting the right people on the bus but how do you get the wrong people off the bus.
+ Obvious fact that we know but don't act enough on: The wrong people on the bus will turn future talent away.
+ Biggest takeaway from lunch with one of Ember's board members: the concept of tentmaker is not only flexibility for funding but a physical mobility as well. The Gospel comes to us on the way to someone else.
+ A friend snagged me a ticket to see the very last session of the Global Leadership Summit. I loved the concepts of Erwin's talk but think the odds of organizations making that happen are low.
+ Had a brilliant phone call with the director of mobilization for the US Center for World Mission after he found Ember on the interwebs. Model mobilizer because he was doing this kind of stuff 20 years ago.
+ Dea and I had a fabulous anniversary weekend at the end of July. Em loved summer camp. The girls spent two weeks at their grandmothers hanging out with their 18 month old nephew. Our girls started 8th and 5h grade earlier this week.
+ Thanks for still reading this blog. Lets get to it.

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