Monday, September 19, 2011

9 Languages in One Hour

This is Joe, the tour guide we had when we recently toured the Capitol building in Washington, DC. We were impressed with his knowledge of the city and the building, his hospitality and ability to greet strangers [yes, he's probably a woo], and his knowledge of facts about our country. But the hands down best thing was his ability to converse in multiple languages. I don't mean just greet, I mean have a conversation. In one hour through our tour, he conversed in Polish, Turkish, German, French, Hebrew, Chinese and the languages for Northern India and Southern India. You read that right. He said he's been studying languages since he was 8 years old. A few weeks ago, he was practicing Kazakh, hoping that someone from Kazakhstan would show up, and they did. Amazing. If you go on a tour, you should ask for him.

In the grand spectrum of God's story, since most of you live within an hour of Washington DC - the nations capital, a city unique among the world, where people from almost every nation routinely come to, why oh why would God put you so close, for this time in human history?

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