Monday, July 25, 2011

The Long Tail on Serving

Dea and I and some of the Ember guides are hanging with Serve the City Baltimore for two evenings later this week. They've got a great group of organizations that they are partnering with and I'm sure the outcome will be beneficial on both sides. The students are going to challenged as their worldviews change. The organizations and staff are going to be encouraged that there are actually young people that will serve and care for others.

Lots of dynamics going on with serving today and young people are at the heart of it. There is the random acts of kindness idea - free hugs, washing cars, giving out water, making lunches for the homeless - all in efforts to bless the community. It's organic, semi-random, and can be creative. Somewhat seemingly on the other side is the partnering with organizations - going where God is working, serving with someone already doing something with a vision, structure and momentum. Both are good and both are needed.

My hope is that young people that are involved in both of these serving dynamics actually become people that create something out of nothing - something that marks humanity. They move a vision to execution. Mobilize people. Raise whatever funding they need. Catch and build momentum.

This might be the long tail on serving.

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