Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Catalyzing Mission Trip Preps

This is Lexi, one of our newest Ember guides on the far right, talking to a student missions team about rural, suburban and urban contexts and how being on a missions team requires you to know something about the context of the environment you are traveling to. Lexi's got the perfect blend of experience, audacity and optimism : her grandparents are career missionaries in the Far East and she believes that every student we serve has the potential for world transformation. You can see why she's an Ember guide.

Other components of this session with one of Grace Community Church's [my home church] high school teams included charting all of the teams Myers Briggs personality types and running through a bunch of team building exercises. Along with talking about people groups and contextualization, we think the combination of all of these topics form a pretty good entry point for preparing student teams. Our guides also see themselves as catalysts - the rest of the work is still up to the team leaders. But hopefully we've given them a good jump start.

Prepping a student team or thinking about how to decompress/debrief a team after they get home? Ember can help.


  1. For the Myers Briggs... are you administering the full blown "official" MB test or are you using one of the online free assessments? Are there other tests you have used (are considering using)? Strengths Finder?

  2. hi chris - no, not doing the full blown one because that costs a good bit of money. i have a version i got from somewhere that is 70 questions so it's a pretty accurate one.

    have used SF before, but usually like to do that with leaders or those who are more invested.

    APEST is great too with leadership teams.

    hope its not too hot in MCO.