Wednesday, April 20, 2011

No Time Like ...

Can I remind you again - it's an amazing time to be alive. Not only that, it's a once in a millennium time to be a Jesus follower.

I mentioned this to the 2011 interns during our time this past weekend. There's this amazing convergence of large, global stuff that stand alone, would be incredible. But it's all coming together and colliding and that is both daunting and very exciting. Stuff like the decline of the cost of information; the connectedness that technology is allowing; the movement of masses of people; the ease of global travel; the passion, entrepreneurship and responsibility
of the emerging generation; the challenge and therefore potential of generational leadership transition. It's all amazing.

I've got an even better front row seat, I think. Watching up close some of the emerging generation and the way they think, what they are dreaming about,
what they are learning about leading - that is an incredibly fun perspective.

So you might still love Medieval times. Or the challenge of the Vikings. Or Elizabethan literature and architecture. But let me try to sway you. Those times might have been fun and intriguing. You might have made a dent in doing something
noble if you lived back then. But we need you now, because, literally, there has never been a moment like now. 2511 will thank you for it.

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