Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Leader Resource - Ben Horowitz's blog

Like rap music, run some kind of organization or team, and want to grow in your leadership skills? Read Ben Horowitz's blog. He's a technology executive and some of the stuff I've read on there has stunned me. Even if you don't like rap music.

He consistently visits topics such as leadership, communication, delegation, innovation, team cultures and organizational life. In fact, along the lines of organizational life, the posts are up there with Andy Stanley. Really that good.

Here's some recent posts I loved:
+ Managers must lay off their own people.
[Sidenote: I witnessed multiple rounds of corporate layoffs and as a manager, decided I was not going to be a part of this. But this post made me re-think that.]
+ Being effective in a company also means working hard, being reliable, and being an excellent member of the team.
+ ... the measure of the quality of a leader: the quantity, quality and diversity of people who want to follow her.
+ Training is, quite simply, one of the highest-leverage activities a manager can perform.

Read it. You will be thinking and you won't be sorry.

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