Friday, April 08, 2011

Friday Burn

::: 11 Gap Year Ideas
I'm liking gap year even more and more for my own kids based on some interesting things I'm reading about college.

::: India - population and growth rate
India's recently completed census shows that while its growth rate is slowing, its population is now bigger than the U.S., Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan and Bangladesh combined.

::: Minorities among 3 year olds
In the U.S., census data shows that minorities are in the majority among the next generation - today's 3-year-olds. [Some of you reading this now might be leading this demographic in the future.]
Both links above via JWT.

::: Crisis Response, Google Style
Link via Justin Long

::: Marcus Buckingham on 4 Levers of Culture
Ritual, Heroes, Stories and Informal Communication Network.
Via a series of tweets.

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