Wednesday, May 13, 2009

KD to KE

The team leader I've been working with, KellanD, and his team depart for Kenya at the end of the month. It's been a ton of fun working with him, he's got a fabulous team, created an experience based on partnership with long term workers on the ground and facilitated lots of leadership with his team.

Here is a quick behind the scenes outline of some of our meetings and conversations. A lot of it will look very incomplete - it is, mostly taken from either rough notes or twitter updates. However, it's been a great experience for me since he's a top notch leader.

I'm really looking forward to hearing how it goes once they return.

:: May 2
face to face lunch
day to day schedule
debriefing/evening times
final travel details
support local leaders - find those people that come to you as sponges and invest in them - they are informal leaders and will take to next level among that community

:: Apr 19
kenya team ldr chat #7-focused on team interact with local hosts, travel logistics. support at 90%. they depart in 5 weeks.

:: March 22
kenya team leader chat #6. 9 weeks until they depart - seems like a lot but it will fly by.

:: Feb 10
Buying plane tickets tomorrow.
Status on:
+ funding - who has how much
+ passports - who has them and everyone should have put the paper work in
+ team preps
+ what's going on with the hosts that everyone should know about - foresight in praying for them and the people you will serve, starting now
+ gauge the 'oh man we are really doing this' level of where everyone is
at - buying tickets is commitment

:: Jan 10
template for travel packet details

:: Dec 28
status on support out
team decided

:: Nov 30
support raising - template letters, rough schedule
outline principles of partnership
leadership of team

:: Aug 30
initial dream and brainstorm

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