Monday, October 27, 2008

Try This - Serving the Homeless

What: Serve the homeless.
Why: Because jesus said to care for the poor. Every major metro area has a segment of homeless and in fact, homelessness is much more prevalent in suburbs than most imagine. Most of our students have no idea that this is a huge segment of the world. Movements always begin at society's fringe.
How: Each kid packs two lunches. Give a lunch away and sit down and start eating with your new friends. Keep a box of granola bars in your car - give them away when you run into people. Watch how your own kids respond.
Other partnership ideas - team up with a local homeless soup kitchen, shelter, etc.
The next level - at a minimum, you might only provide a meal. On the other extreme, you might end up moving into someone's life or partnering with a local, indigenous holistic homeless ministry. However, do this consistently at the same spot every week, and you might make inroads to real community.

Oh and... sometimes, our local chick-fil-a would give us tons of mustard/mayo packs for our sandwiches.

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