Wednesday, October 15, 2008

20/20 Vision for Schools

Long time readers know that Jeremy Del Rio is a friend and co-conspirator. I've watched from a distance the past few months as he has launched the 20/20 Vision for Schools initiative. Initiative is one good way to term it. A better description might be movement.

Here are a few movement bullets from the 20/20 vision presentation:
::: 20/20 Elements include Vocational Calling, School Engagement, Student Leadership
::: Cities lack traditional, paid, full-time youth ministers but no shortage of kids.
Therefore, redefine youth minister.
Anyone God trusts to have a meaningful relationship with a young person is a youth minister.
::: 50-80% of every congregation is already directly connected to a school
::: What school needs can your church can continually serve?
Examples: Tutoring, Mentoring, After-School, Arts, Music, Coaching, Advocacy, Parent Training, Leadership Classes, Organizing
More at the 20/20 vision links on Jeremy's blog.

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