Monday, March 31, 2008

SPACE 08 Leader Lunch

This past Saturday, we hosted a SPACE Leader Lunch for our summer team leaders. The overarching goal was to gel some teams together and invest in their leadership,

These leaders represent all five of our summer teams - middle school, Baltimore, New Orleans, England, Cameroon and Hungary. Almost 100% of these leaders also serve within our youth ministry in other capacities - most of them helping lead weekly small groups for students. As a ministry, we are very blessed. First, because we have such great leaders. Passionate, loving, generous, and teachable, all of them love students because it's built into their DNA. Secondly, we are blessed because the powers that be allow something like SPACE to build synergy across multiple elements of the student ministry. And of course, you know the rule about being blessed - you must then be a blessing.

Our discussion points included an introduction to Strengths Finder and sharing about their strengths [describe a time when you were operating in a strength, predict/identify a theme in another person on your team]. We also utilized "The 8 Great Questions" and "Your Mission Experience as a Treasure Hunt" principles from The Short Term Missions Workbook [one of the must-have resources if you help out with mission teams.] This was all done within the context of their leadership teams, hopefully helping people understand each other better as they seek to serve this summer and beyond.

For the perspective of this summer, we did a gathering like this so that our teams are adequately prepared to be enormous blessings to others. For the rest of the perspective, we do this because our students and leaders will make all the difference in the world.

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