Friday, March 14, 2008

Pre Weekend Ramblings

In no particular order:

- We are joining the high school [CpR] retreat this weekend, for just Saturday night and Sunday morning. It should be a lot of fun. I've had a no-retreat policy for the past few years [every since I spent about a month away from home in calendar year 2005 for this SPACE hobby] unless I'm doing something to help significantly. I'm running a small workshop on Saturday evening. I needed some creative inspiration so I just went for a drive. [Actually, this article about Ben Saunders - arctic explorer is some good inspiration too.]

- We've taken some extra time to get some clarity on our Hungary team budget for this summer. Although our personal family's support letter is written and printed, our team's letters are on hold until we get some firm info. Have you stayed with a large group of students in Vienna [not Virginia but Austria] or Paris [not Texas but France] ? If so, you and I need to talk.

- I celebrated one full year with Corp1.3 this past week. It's been amazing all the new skills I have picked up in one year, and not all of them were purely technical. For instance, I never uttered the word 'customer' before this job. I hope you think that's odd too, because we ALL should be thinking about 'customers.' [Oh, and I think I've gained 10 pounds in the past year too.]

- D and I have all of our logistics booked for 4 days in the Florida keys in a few weeks. We are celebrating our 15 oops 14 [thanks amy!] year anniversary early since we'll be in Hungary on the actual day. Our kids are celebrating with us by staying home. HA.

Have a great weekend!

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