Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Leading to Irrelevance

"My defintion of a great team is one that continues to function when the leader goes down, like I did on Everest. The leader's role is to pick a team, train them, and then make himself irrelevant."
- Pasquale Scaturro, modern day explorer, as quoted in Outside Magazine, April 2008. One of his conquests includes the first, full descent of the Nile River, from its Blue Nile source in the mountains of Ethiopia to its terminus just north of Rosetta, Egypt. The 3,260 mile, four month trip included threats such as:
- Class IV and V rapids of the upper Blue Nile, where two capsizes forced one team member to quit the expedition.
- Deadly crocodiles and hippos.
- Arrests by Ethiopian and Egyptian militia.
- Gunfire from Sudanese bandits.
- Extreme temperatures.
- Violent sandstorms.
- Exposure to malaria.

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