Saturday, April 28, 2007

Why We Can't Do It Ourselves

[Pre-Missions Sunday is this Sunday. If you are at Grace, we would love to meet you.]

Our summer support levels for this year are about 20% more than last year. That is a little daunting because I thought last year was a huge stretch goal. Honestly, I am a bit anxious about the whole support thing. And I'm not the only one...

We as a family have quite a bit to raise.
We have some students that are going on multiple overseas trips and have a big goal.
Some individuals on our teams are looking at other projects post-summer and looking at the combined large goal.

A conversation I have had a few times now revolves around the idea that the intimidating amount of support should not deter us. Yes they are large goals but if God has called us to these tasks, then we should simply go and act on faith that He will provide the means.

And if the goal was small, if it was something we could simply do ourselves, if we could do it with our own strengths, smarts, and abilities - it wouldn't be worth it would it?

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Photo: Post Mission Sunday, August 2006. [Those are my feet on the screen!]

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