Saturday, April 14, 2007

Mr. Mère

D and the Madre are in Savannah visiting her sister and their family. They stayed in a hotel last night near Dulles and flew out early this morning, so I have the little angels until Tuesday night. My parents will be coming to help out a bit Monday and Tuesday so I can get in full days at work. Every time she leaves me I tease her about her leaving me with our children, how much work it is, etc etc. My dramatic side comes out nicely.

Seriously though, the past few summers, as I have gallivanted to other parts of the world - really fun parts by the way - she's taken on quite a bit while I've been gone. In 2005, I was away for 28 nights, all for this supposed thing I like to call a 'hobby.' So, a few days away for her together with the Madre to see her sister and her fam will be fun for D. It will be nice this summer to all go away together and to have my kids see first hand what this 'hobby' really is about.

And... where is the line where it isn't a hobby anymore...

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