Monday, April 30, 2007

Pre Missions Sunday 2007

Missions Sunday [or as I am going to start calling it now - Pre Missions Sunday] was this past Sunday. It is the Sunday sometime in the spring or summer where the adult body gets to hear about all the summer teams. This time around, we were fairly ready with 3 out of 5 times, meaning that we had teams chosen, team pictures available and prayer cards printed. A fourth team was almost ready and a fifth team... well, we are seeking on that one...

This year, like every other detail every other year, has been a little different in that there are a whole other set of adult trips that GCC is doing this summer and fall - so the whole lobby was filled with mission stuff. All in all, there were ten or eleven teams represented. People stood up as teams were outlined on slides and then Pastor Mark spoke on Isaiah 58 and the idea of justice. He also outlined the overall direction for the Africa initiative and the first part of that is a partnership with AIDS Orphans Educational Trust, based in Uganda. [GCC has sent 3 or 4 teams to AOET in recent years.] And this Sunday was kind of a follow up to last Sunday, where the interview with Bono and Bill Hybels was shown.

I was surprised last year that my brain didn't implode sometime during the morning [it was Father's Day, I had worked all night, etc.] This year was just the opposite, nice and relaxing. It was also a lot of fun to see Em so excited about being able to stand up with the team. [K was sick with strep.]

The beauty of this Sunday is that the students feel like the whole church is behind them - which she is. And the adults feel like our students are doing really significant things in the world - which they are.

Photos: Some of the students standing during their slide; B and K McN in the lobby. B and K are from GCC and with CAI and are in MD for about a month before returning to the field. We will be hanging with them and their kids in August.

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