Thursday, January 10, 2019

Happy 18th!

Dear Em,

Well this is one of the big ones - happy 18th birthday!

What a year! You've done some travel - 70K air miles, 6 countries, 3 continents - jealous.You've worked hard to be almost done with high school. You've held a few part time jobs. Gotten into to some great colleges offering great scholarships. Made an incredible decision for next year. Clarified a possible area of study.

Mommy and I have loved watching you flourish this year and are so proud of you and are grateful for all these things that have helped shape your life this year. The travel has made your more empathetic to others, finishing senior year has made you more diligent and applying to college has made you more responsible. You are growing deeper in character.

The world is in constant need for people of character. The ones that listen, that finish a job, that can be trusted, that will be a friend. Character travels far longer than knowledge.

Can you take Oreo with you next year?

Happy birthday, thanks for letting me fulfill my dream of riding a camel in the desert into the sunset even though it only lasted 10 minutes.

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