Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Working - Erupting Talent: An Antidote to Toxic Charity

Working notes for an upcoming workshop. Comments and feedback welcome. Still emerging.

1. Dependency - doing something for someone that they could do for themselves
Do this enough and it becomes toxic - it doesn't help them anymore.
Interact with examples

2. Assets - something that is useful or valuable
It's easy to identify material assets
Not so easy to identify non material assets
Gifting talent skills
Interact with examples

3. Erupt
Discover -
what were you created to do?
Potential - high invitation/high challenge
Map - who do you do this with? how are they interconnected?
How - self -> serve -> systems
Missional imagination - the power of imagining

4. You could get really good at this and it would be a big value for missions.
Get good at coaching people with discovery, mapping and walking them from vision through execution.

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