Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Not Enough Youth Workers Talk About Calling

In my role with Ember, I have had lots of opportunities to give advice to young people about their future - it is always a privilege. Although I'd love to tell them to sell everything and go live in a hut [kidding], talking about calling is usually fun for me and overwhelming for them. Just last month, Dea and I had an evening conversation with an Ember peep about a specific opportunity and the trajectory of his life.

If you have students that ask you for this kind of advice, you should think about the following list of ideas. Study what the Scriptures say about this list. Think about your friends and mentors who are the most passionate and who have the highest caliber of character and how these topics have intertwined with God's call on their lives.

What are the general callings for all Jesus people?
What is the specific calling for you?
What are the gifts, talents and passions that have been forged in your heart?
Does God call you with an audible voice? What are other things God uses to give us direction?
Is there a right and wrong calling?
How granular is calling - marry right person, take the right job, buy the right pair of shoes?
Theology of place - how does God call me to a physical location?

Unfortunately, not many youth workers teach students how to navigate calling. If you have the power to change that, you should, right away.


  1. "'The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world's deep hunger meet." -buechner. I come back to this concept again and again.

  2. I use your 'need is not a call' all the time too.

  3. Oh man! I forgot about that. I said that?? When was that again?! 😂

  4. I think one of your profs said it.