Wednesday, May 25, 2016

ProtoGuide 2016

MK finished her official ProtoGuide activities and responsibilities last week. We are thrilled at her experience and it was a huge privilege to work with her over these last 4 months. As part of winding down, she's hanging with some of the Ember Board over the next few days.

Here's a quick summary of all the stuff she was involved with:
+ One day a week working with The Well in Curtis Bay, serving in all aspects of the org including the Hope Chest, women's mentoring groups, back office admin tasks and deep diving from the founder and executive director. 'Create something from nothing.'
+ One day a week serving with a local public school and being an ESL aide specifically for refugee students.
+ An afternoon a week meeting with and praying with community pastors and activists.
+ Attending the Common Ground Consultation.
+ Joined a Perspectives class with me.
+ Helping architect our Ember GCC Impact training day.
+ Working on the 24JE team.
+ Gotten to know and interact with some key people here in the DMV missions world.

We have loved having her around for a few months. She'll continue to hang with us this summer since she is part of the Ember Italy team. This has been our privilege though - when a young person like MK shows up to learn about missions, we go all in. Here's our infosheet if you know someone that might be interested.

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