Monday, February 01, 2016

The Positive Trend of January Church Leadership Gatherings

An interesting thing filled up part of my social media feeds these past few weeks - something that I hadn't quite noticed this time in years past. And that interesting thing was church leadership gatherings. More than ever, I noticed lots of churches gathering their leaders together for encouragement, vision and development. Very exciting!

I was involved in this exact thing last weekend with a church outside of Phoenix. My own church had this type of gathering this weekend although I didn't attend it this year and they do it every year at the end of January - I even helped run it in 2011. Two churches I track and look up to had theirs this past weekend. It's a phenomenal thing to see happening and this focus on leadership development was one of the very integral things that drew us to our home church.

If you are a leader in a church [paid or volunteer] but don't get invested in like this every year, you should ask why not. If you are in charge of a church but don't do this kind of thing every year for the people that serve with you, you should change that. Like it or not, you are the one, or should be the one, that defines and shapes how your leaders grow. Leadership development is one of the key things that makes or breaks a faith community.

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