Monday, February 15, 2016

ProtoGuides and Founders

MK and I had a little meet and greet with staff at one of the great organizations that will host her for one day a week for the next few months as part of her ProtoGuide experience. I'm thrilled at this partnership working out because I know both parties are going to gain from this. MK is absolutely going to sponge up everything this organization does and why. And they are going to get a passionate young person that loves everyone, serves whenever she can and will work harder than most anyone else at whatever will help the org move forward. Those indeed are pretty big wins. But the bigger win is that MK gets to work alongside someone who started something from nothing.

Some of the common current thinking among church and nonprofit leaders these days is "don't start something new - you should spend your precious and limited time and energy with organizations that already exist." That's great thinking if you are over the age of 40. The Ember Cast, instead, prides itself on resource emerging global student leaders who will do the exact opposite - spend their lives doing something no one is doing to reach people no one is reaching [Craig Groeschel.] To resource these emerging global student leaders, we introduce them to people who have created something from nothing, who have birthed initiatives from the bottom of their soul, who have put a vision on the altar and asked the Lord to either bless it or kill it, who have felt a calling so clearly that every one of their senses point to it, who have sacrificed their lives so that others may live.

Clearly we don't have enough courageous people or people that can lead others or people that can start something from nothing. If our ProtoGuides become more courageous, better leaders or people that can erupt something from God's call on their soul, then we have truly accomplished something. In the meantime, the world awaits.

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