Monday, March 23, 2015

Traveling in 2015 and Global Risk

Like many of you, I'm convinced that we are living in amazing times and a big reason for that is the ease of air travel. Also, like many of you, I've followed the global news for a number of years now and the world can still be a dangerous place. I've been thinking about this for a few months now, especially in light of the weight of responsibility The Ember Cast has with the leaders that are entrusted to us.

To that end, last week, we decided to engage a faith based global risk management firm in helping us in this area. Their core competencies include intelligence analysis, security best practices focused on global faith based nonprofit staff, and helping organizations think about global risk management. Board of Director, MPM, articulates it well here [printed with permission]:
"As Ember remains dedicated to engaging young leaders who are interested in exploring other cultures, we should also be dedicated to understanding all the risks to help that happen as safely as possible. Professional-grade risk assessment sounds like the right level in today's tumultuous world...especially to help allay the fears of any parents of emerging leaders. Risk is less risky when you can plan for it."
If you have any responsibility when it comes to sending young people around the world, I implore you to do some heavy thinking about this topic. If you'd like more info on who we engaged, get in touch.

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