Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Burn

::: Poor Kids of Silicon Valley
Stunning series about child poverty.
"America has the developed world's second highest rate of childhood poverty."

::: Where the migrants go, in one map.

::: Making Disciples, Not Hunting Them Down
Heidi Scanlon, NCC's pastor of prayer, and her ground rules for discipleship.

::: Engineering a Mass Transit App for a City Without Mass Transit
In Nairobi, private car ownership isn’t the norm: the bulk of its citizens rely on public transit. But when Nairobi’s formal bus system collapsed in the 1990s, the government failed to do anything about it.
So without a formal urban planning strategy, an enterprising group of Kenyans sought to fill the void.
The result was a crazy, lawless, and ├╝ber-popular mode of transportation: the Kenyan Matatu.

::: Fortune sides with him who dares. - Virgil via @dancumberland

Photo: Tess and Katie, Curtis Bay, Baltimore. March 2015.

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