Thursday, October 10, 2013

Almost Never Too Young

I'm pretty proud of the fact that at some conferences or gatherings, I've brought the youngest people in the room. By decades, I might also proudly add.

Of course, the point isn't to bring the average age of the room down. The point is to expose them to the most catalytic people we know. Although it's sometimes awkward for them, they always always rise to the occasion. They meet and greet, they converse, they initiate and when it gets good, they get out their pens and paper and write notes. Every student I've taken to these things brings pages and pages of notes home. Now that makes me proud.

Sometimes, we don't give these kids enough credit. We sell them short because we think they cannot grapple with the concepts of movements or indigenous contexts or a post human future. None of these are out of the realm of the understanding of the students in our care. And the longer we keep telling ourselves that they won't be able to get it.. Well.. They won't.


  1. and probably 95% of the time, by the end of the event, the older folks are LOVING talking to students...they get it. It's all about impacting a generation they don't always have exposure to.

  2. yeah - listen to my wife!!