Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Ember X - Tuesday pm

Camp ends at 6pm after campers leave at 5pm and a staff debriefing. It's a hardy discussion that includes lots of encouragement as well as lots of challenge to make things better.

We had a visiting team dinner tonight including our compatriots from Austin. After that, Teal hosted a little discussion about:
+ identification of future missionaries
how is your time with God
are you adaptable, entrepreneurial, able to navigate the unknowns

+ your first few years in another culture
phase 1 - the first 3 weeks - honeymoon
phase 2 - up to 18 months - real life
phase 3 - up to 2 years - then it gets better.

+ calling
God makes it known.
their list was 56 items in how God spoke to them.

Working all day with campers and then having a short session in the evening is a long day. But having this kind of opportunity with a global leader like Teal is rare. It is why we do what we do.

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