Thursday, July 04, 2013

Ember X Thursday

We spent most of the late morning and early afternoon in the center in Aix watching the 100th Tour De France right through a small section of town. On the United States' Independence Day. Amazing.

This afternoon was spent back at camp working on more work projects including some cleaning and painting. It's pretty amazing what a huge production this is and there are some very skilled artisans as part of this team. It's experience designing at its best. Our team did a ton of painting today.

Dominic Rivera and Teal rode the bus back to our villa with us after lunch in the city. While waiting for the next bus, we had a short conversation about mission and calling, ministry in Western Europe, learning to live cross culturally. Lots of use of the word context. This is one of the best things Ember can offer - face to face deep learning and insight from experienced, talented global leaders. Pizza from the pizza van this evening for dinner.

Some photos are here.

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