Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday Burn

::: Is the future of church planting bi-vocational?
Great article on both the traditional full time planter as well as embracing new bi-vocational roles.

::: Is National Community Church's Mark Batterson the Most Innovative Pastor in America?
Great read on NCC.

::: Chris Tomlin - the most sung artist on the planet
For perspective, consider Tomlin's musical success against one secular counterpart. In 2012, Katy Perry's record sales dwarfed Tomlin's, but Billboard reported her songs were played 1.4 million times on the radio. Using CCLI's low-end calculation, Tomlin's songs were played 3.12 million times in churches.

::: Doctor Who 'Cured' Baby With HIV Is Former Christian Missionary
Not just a great story, but a great example of vocation and calling.

::: Micro loans can lead to organ trafficking.

::: Talk doesn't cook rice. - Chinese Proverb @revtrev

Photo: the audience at a recent student missions kick off gathering. via Terahgram.

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