Monday, March 04, 2013

Announcing Grace AZ 2013

I'm very proud to announce the Grace AZ 2013 missions experience that Ember is involved with. When we first imagined The Ember Cast, one of the reasons for its existence would be the connecting of various like minded people in order to share resources and collaborate for better practices, all in an effort to mobilize more students for missional leadership. The Grace AZ experience is a good representation of this desire becoming a reality.

This project is a collaboration between two organizations that are our friends - Ben Cloud from Amadeo Church and the Love Moves student missions team at Grace. Ember's responsibilities include helping with the diverse and various tasks when putting an experience together like this - tasks such as helping form the vision of the team, facilitating partnerships between organizations, and staffing leadership. I'm also delighted to tell you that Emily Swinburne, one of our very capable Ember guides, will be our guide for this team, working with two leaders from Grace. You might remember Emily being with us in AZ in 2010.

Lots of fun for us to help execute this project. Side note - this team is all girls. Eventually, the boys will catch up...

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