Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ember and Serve the City Baltimore this Saturday

Ember is partnering with Serve the City Baltimore this coming Saturday for their March service day. STC days are always great fun and Ember is honored to host two college student teams this coming weekend. We'll do some light facilitation around global mission concepts while helping STC with one of their projects. Dan, the director, has become a good friend and has a very Ember-like background that includes church planting in a global city overseas.

These STC days also seem to be a great environment to attract, and therefore, meet some emerging global leaders. We've been fortunate to work alongside some amazing young people as a result of some of these days. This Saturday will be along the same lines too as some of the people we know in these college teams are pretty amazing.

Ember X is also serving together Saturday - our first collective team project. If you've got some time on Saturday, a desire to serve Baltimore with some of your energy and want to meet some fantastic global leaders, get in touch.

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