Monday, September 24, 2012

Student to Leader to Influencer

This is a photo of Lynn from May 2005 when she was a 'normal' suburban high school kid. I love the symbolism behind this photo - it represents a team of students going outside themselves in serving some kids, creating something from almost nothing [a playground puppet show] and, like Mike Breen calls it, a kairos moment - for both these students and for me. At this moment in time, I realized, again, the passion of the next generation.

Since this shot, Lynn helped us lead some student missions efforts as well as traveling on her own adventures during college. She has since finished school and become an elementary school teacher in Northern Virginia. Lord willing, Ember will help her with a little cross cultural project next year that is in her imagination right now. Her context is her new church - urban; intern-generational; racially and economically diverse, and full of young adults who want mark history.

Ember continues to be honored at being stewards of the amazing people we get to work with. Not everyone transitions from a student to a leader to an influencer.

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